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Förslaget inkom 2003-06-13

Optical communication systems and networks (TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

1. Optical performance monitoring
How to monitor the performance and provision of quality of service of high speed optical transmission networks?
This question is of crucial importance for the development and deployment of such networks. Current proposed solutions have serious shortcomings associated with limited number of signal distortions able to monitor and limited capability of fault localization. Most of the present solutions scale badly with respect to the number of channels and bit-rates to be monitored, suffer from limited dynamic power sensitivity range and tend to be expensive to implement.
Activities: Firstly, we will investigate monitoring techniques based on optical pre-processing. By introducing optical pre-processing, low speed detection and processing electronics can be used. We will explore methods based on optical autocorrelation, optical sampling and optical switching.
Secondly, we will investigate the advantages of integrating time and frequency domain techniques to monitor signal quality. We expect that by using optical pre-processing in combination with spectral and time analysis will result in an advance optical performance monitoring strategy.
Thirdly, we will experimentally demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed monitoring strategy. Finally, an integration approach will be investigated for optical signal quality measurements and the supervisory system.

Optical DPSK Transmission
The projects aims to investigate optical differential phase shift keying modulation technique to increase the reach distance of high-speed (> 10 Gb/s) optical transmission systems.

3. MPLS based control plane for seamless wireless-optics IP networks
MPLS supported optical packet switched networks are proposed as the solution for the growing demand for high capacity and flexible IP data networks. An optical packet switched core network is expected to be transport network of future dominant IP based data traffic. Future wireless network are expected to provide personalized high speed data services, most of them also IP based. This project will explore options on how a unified MPLS control plane can be deployed for seamless IP wireless-optics networks.


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