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Förslaget inkom 2010-01-18

Digital footprint analysis

Services and Software at Ericsson Research is working with developing service layer concepts, solutions, and enabling technologies, covering end-users, terminals, networks and servers for future generation communication and content access systems. Within the research area we carry out research and standardization in eleven areas covering end-to-end service aspects including devices, networks and servers. When using mobile based services a lot of digital footprints are created. Those footprints can tell a lot about its originator, creating valuable knowledge to be used for both the user and the operator. It is our intention to gain more knowledge in this context and learn how to use this in a good way. That is while still keeping the privacy of the end user finds potential business values for an operator, making a win-win situation. In addition to the overall work that we are doing in Ericsson in this area we are now looking for student(s) that are interested in applied machine learning techniques to analyze digital footprints.

The thesis will consist of two parts, a theoretical and a practical. The first part aims to gain the necessary knowledge to come up with a proposed system. The second, and most important part, is the practical implementation. This aims to implement the proposed system to verify the findings from the theoretical studies. The theoretical part will include studies of existing systems and the algorithms utilized. Once an understanding of the current state of the art is achieved the intent is to combine or adapt algorithms to achieve an improved system. These findings should be verified in the practical part through implementation and the results evaluated by its' findings.

The desired result will be a measurement of the value that the findings may give a service build on top of the system. If possible/desirable the results can be published as a research paper in a suitable conference/journal. It is also the intent to create one patent within this area. These activities will be done in cooperation with people from Ericsson Research and are dependent upon the achieved results.

* MSc studies in Computer Science, Computer Networks, Applied Mathematics or related area
* Good knowledge in mathematical analysis and algorithms
* Good skills in object oriented system development and programming languages (Java, C++, C# and MatLab), enterprise Java is a plus
* Good knowledge in handling efficient database queries (SQL, HQL etc)
* International experience is a plus, and fluency in English a must

Please state when you can start in your application.

To apply for this thesis, please submit your application at our website: https://tas-ericsson.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?lang=en&job=159105.


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