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Förslaget inkom 2010-01-28

Analyzing the usage of Open Source products (e.g. JBoss) within Vattenfall

Subjects: IT, Enterprise Application Integration, SOA, Portal.

Description of the Master Thesis’s activities:

The goal of the Master Thesis is to:

Evaluate the usage of Open Source products within Vattenfall to achieve decision basis for the next generation of standard products in some solution areas in the IT landscape in Vattenfall.

Master Thesis’s scope:

·Decide the Solution Areas (for example; Integration, e-Business) that we can use Open Source products (e.g. JBoss) in.
·Decide the functions blocks (for example; SOA –ESB, Customer Self Service application) within the decided Solution Areas that could be implemented by Open Source products (e.g. JBoss). The criteria for selecting the functions blocks are the following:
·The functions blocks are defined by the reference architecture for the decided Solution Areas
·The functions blocks have high IT costs (for the current implementation) within Vattenfall
·Analyzing the consequences of implementing of the selected functions blocks with Open Source Products for Nordic?
·If we can prove that the usage of Open Source products (e.g. JBoss) within Vattenfall Nordic is possible and means big savings? And if the savings are much more than today’s IT-costs + migration cost + other costs (e.g.: new hardware, Support), then maybe we have decision basis for next generation of standard product(s) in some solution areas in the IT landscape in Vattenfall.
·Other IT-suppliers in Vattenfall could use the Master Thesis as a template to calculate the implementation of the decided functions blocks in their IT landscape.

Prerequisites and Contacts
The thesis work is 20 hp and shall be started during 2010 at Vattenfall Business Services Nordic AB.

Do you want to contribute with your knowledge and at the same time get valuable experiences from Vattenfall Business Services Nordic? Then you are welcome with your application to the contact in this advert.

The application shall be sent at latest 16 February to [email protected] or [email protected] and shall contain:

·Personal letter
·Suggestion of examiner or supervisor from the own university.

Alaa Karam
Vattenfall Business Services Nordic
[email protected]


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