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Förslaget inkom 2010-03-22

Youtube for Rural Health Workers in Developing Countries

Video based e-learning materials are getting more and more interest of a public. Youtube like websites are becoming popular and people go to these types of websites for learning new skills or competencies.

Karolinska University Hospital and Ericsson Sweden AB are collaborating together to create similar experiences for health professionals in developing countries using mobile devices and communicating via mobile infrastructure (GPRS, 3G). This is very relevant to developing countries, where majority of population use mobile devices, including health professionals.

The thesis work will investigate the current initiatives and future trends in providing m-learning platform for video based learning materials and develop a fully functional prototype solution. As proof of concept, the solution will be implemented in Uganda.
Provided solution as part of its services will provide video based learning materials to several categories of health workers in Uganda and other developing regions. The idea is that health workers themselves can upload and download video materials and be able to browse the content locally in their mobile devices.

The objective of the thesis is to develop an e-learning system, where targeted and relevant video based learning materials are created and shared easily between healthcare workers. Mobile infrastructure will be used as a means of sharing video based content, which means that video materials shall be optimized to work smoothly using GPRS links.
Major activities in thesis work include:

1) A data model to store video materials and associated information locally in the mobile device
2) Converting the video in the local mobile device into a format usable on the web
3) An upload form where the user can upload a video
4) Extracting additional details and storing the video in the e-learning central server
5) Sharing video based on categories and individual end-users
6) Downloading of video to the end-users mobile devices
7) Playing the video in the Web browser
8) Including advanced features, such as giving feedback and answering simple questions


We are looking for 1 or 2 M.Sc students that are skilled in web technologies, knowledge in video and audio coding, very good programming skills, preferably in Perl or Python. Practical experience from image and video processing is a merit. Preferred candidate shall have experience of working independently and in the team, and ability to solve complex problems with simple solutions.

Financial compensations will be agreed with selected students.


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