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Förslaget inkom 2010-03-31

Diploma work at YKI: How to predict the functional properties of lubricants for Alumina and Steel Rolling

Nano-particles and water-based polyglycol polymer solutions.

The annual consumption of rolling oil within the European Union is about 25000 tonnes. The total volume of rolling oil emulsion can be estimated to be between one million and two million m3 each year. The project will deal with investigating new types of lubricants for these rolling mills in cooperation with several European rolling mills, lubricant producers and research institutes.
Project description
Rolling oil emulsions are mixtures of oil in water used for lubrication and cooling during cold rolling of steel. There is an interest to evaluate the benefit of lubricating nano-particles for metal rolling.

This part of the project will include investigation of:
•different types of nano-particles, size, chemistry, form
•role of surface topography,
•nano-particle characterization
•particle adhesion to surface
•development of test methods
•emulsion stability, droplet size etc.

Recently water based poly-glycols which are solutions of polymers have been introduced as alternatives to the traditional rolling oil emulsions. They have the advantage of being environmentally acceptable, easy to recycle and have a long life time. However, the molecular understanding of the function of the different components of these lubricants still need to be developed, as well as test method for their evaluation.
These test methods may include:

Starting date: Autumn 2010
Contact person: Karin Persson
Mail: [email protected]
Tel : 010-5166072

YKI, The Institute for Surface Chemistry is the internationally leading industrial research institute in applied surface and colloid chemistry. Clients come from many industrial sectors including; biotechnology; food; industrial chemicals; household and personal care products; pulp and paper; printing and packaging; speciality coatings, adhesives and paints; drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the institute has 50 member companies, a number of which are world leaders in their fields and more than 50 % based outside of Sweden.

YKI has 65 employees and is located in a research-intensive area on the campus of The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). YKI is part of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP Group). For further information please visit our website at www.yki.se.


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