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Förslaget inkom 2010-04-14

Radio Resource Management for M2M communication in LTE

Hos: Ericsson Research. Linköping
När: Ht -10
Krav: Civ Ing, gärna kommunikationsinriktning, minst 4 i snittbetyg
Beskrivning: Se nedan

Radio access technologies for cellular mobile networks are continuously being evolved to meet the future demands for higher data rates, improved coverage and capacity. 3G Long Term Evolution (LTE) is currently being launched in Sweden and the rest of the world. Meanwhile the development of LTE is being developed by Ericsson and others.

LTE will in coming releases bring radio features such as advanced uplink and downlink multi antenna solutions (MIMO) and larger bandwidths from aggregating multiple carriers. These features will bring peak rates of 1 GB/s, but the improvements also affect other areas such as coverage, delay and flexibility. Among other things, the support for machine to machine (M2M) communication is improved inline with Ericsson's vision of 50 billion connections world wide. This means hundreds or thousands of sensors and devices in each cell communicating small and large amounts of data, everything from a sporadic temperature reading to a streaming surveillance camera.

M2M traffic often has very different requirements on a communication system than a regular cell phone or mobile broadband user. To efficiently manage these new types of devices is currently a hot research area. To handle large quantities of devices the cost per device in both radio resources and energy consumption's must be low. Radio resource management controls the channel access for all devices in the network and algorithms to improve the handling of M2M devices need to be developed.

The master thesis will be about radio resource management mastering large number of devices in a LTE networks with extreme low power consumption and/or either strict or relaxed delay requirements and/or specific movement patterns. The exact scope will be settled later, together with the student.


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