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Förslaget inkom 2010-05-11

Automatic Information Quality and Style Checking System

Sigma Kudos delivers services within Information Logistics, (Information design and Information management services).

When producing customer product information it is important that all information is uniform and follows the specific guidelines of language, layout and style for that customer. The guidelines consist of hundreds of rules and regulations set in a style manual. Before delivering a document to the customer, the document needs to be verified not only regarding the technical facts, but also that it follows the style manual. This verification is usually very time consuming.

Sigma Kudos has developed an Automatic Information Quality and Style Checking System that automatically goes through one or several documents in a database and verifies the information towards a specific style manual. This saves a lot of time and increases the quality of the information.
However this system is not completed yet with all guidelines and ways of checking the information and needs to be updated further.
In order to do this, further programming is necessary. The main program/scripting is done in the object oriented programming language Python but there are possibilities to include other solutions as well.

Sigma Kudos in Stockholm is looking for a student who is interested in carrying out the whole or part of his/her thesis to develop the rules from the style manual and integrate these in the checking system.
The need for this project is immediate and deadline would be end of September with potential possibility for extension.
The student will be supported by a supervisor with overall responsibility for the project.

The student should have great experience in programming and understanding of different computer languages, preferably in Python. The student should have great skills in the English language, especially in writing grammar and also be very communicative during the on-going project.
Another requirement is also to document the on-going project with regular follow-ups with the supervisor.
The information and result of the project will be the property of Sigma Kudos Sweden AB.


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