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Förslaget inkom 2010-05-24

Energy efficient storage of biomass at Vattenfall heat and power plants

Available diploma work at the Department of Energy and Technology at SLU – coordinated by Vattenfall Research and Development AB

Principals: Institutionen för Energi och Teknik, SLU, Uppsala (Department of Energy and Technology), Vattenfall Research and Development AB
Scope: 30 university points
Subject: Technology or Forestry
Time: Summer/Fall 2010

Due to climate changes Vattenfall has for 2030 set the target of reducing CO2 emissions from energy generation by 50%. One of the potential actions to reach this goal is to increase the use of biomass as fuel.
Storage of biomass is often associated with problems such as heat development with a risk of self-ignition, dry matter loss and reduction of fuel quality. Such problems often lead to a lower heating value for the stored biomass and thus a loss of energy during combustion compared to energy content at time of purchase. The microbial activity in the storage may also have health and safety consequences due to emission of organic compounds and fire risk. In this project storage of different biofuels will be tested in conditions that are relevant for heat and power plants.

Description of the problem
The purpose of the diploma work is to supply heat and power plants with technical information on how to store large amounts of biomass in an optimal way.
During storage of biomass biological processes reduce the amount of dry matter in the biomass, and in that way, the energy content of the biomass is reduced. This dry matter and energy loss has an economical impact for the heat and power plants, since more biomass than estimated needs to be purchased to attain the planned energy output.
The expected outcome of the thesis project is guidelines on how to store large amounts of biomass, with a focus on minimizing the dry matter, and hereby, energy losses.

Methods and conditions
Full-scale storage trials are planned to be performed at the Vattenfall plant, Idbäcken, in Nyköping. Relevant fuels for this project are wood chips and recycled wood chips.

The output from the project is to develop guidelines how to minimize risk of self-ignition, dry matter loss and health impacts when storing large amounts of biofuel in the Vattenfall plants.

The application should be send to Mattias Moëll 2010-06-15 at the latest.

Contact persons:
Raida Jirjis
[email protected]
Tel. 018-672524

Mattias Moëll
[email protected]
Tel: 08-699 87 51
(Mobile: 076-10 99 200)


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