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Förslaget inkom 2010-06-30

Smart indoor environment regulation

Background: Present facility management (control of water, heating, electricity etc) is relatively primitive today. In order to reduce energy consumption (to reduce CO2 emission as well as costs), smarter control combining multiple parameters is needed. This is an area that we expect will grow enormously in a near future. Acreo has collaboration with the leading Swedish organizations within this area.
Acreo’s role within facility management is to keep track of existing state of the art solutions, to integrate existing components and subsystems in novel ways into demonstrators that give proof-of-concept. This is a very practical project with an estimated time to market of 0-2 years. Cost issues and availability of existing components are therefore important factors here. The intention is furthermore to work with standards and open interfaces as much as possible.
Depending on interests and time, the following tasks need to be done within the area.
Tasks for the project worker:
• Overview, comparison, and categorization of existing and emerging solutions
• Build a system that triggers the activation of a fan when temperature and air quality (e.g., in-house CO2 concentration) exceeds certain thresholds. This point is primarily for demonstration/proof of concept purposes
• The work is based on an existing sensor system with a web interface that should be improved in the project, both graphically and by including threshold values for control.
• Graphical user interface should also be available through an Android app (prio 1: monitoring and prio 2: changing threshold settings)
• Extend the system with an air condition unit including feedback control (instead of the fan)
• Evaluate the functionality of the “smart air condition” system
o From a technical point of view: How well does the setup manage to keep temperature and CO2 concentration within certain limits
o From a user perspective: What is the perceived air quality when the system is implemented compared to no system. Is one parameter more important than the other, etc.
Requirements: Web layout/html, control systems, practical electronics construction, programming skills, Android app programming
Involved organizations: Acreo, LogiCO2/Senseair, Mittuniversitetet


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