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Förslaget inkom 2010-07-02

Evaluate tools and services for Customer Support

Entropia Universe Support & Operations AB (EUSO) is a subsidiary company within the MindArk Group. MindArk Group develops, markets and operates Entropia Universe, an integrated collection of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games and virtual worlds with unique characteristics. Called Planets, the specific games and virtual worlds in Entropia Universe are developed by partners to MindArk. EUSO’s business idea is to support the partner companies and their customers by providing complete IT service solutions, including operations and infrastructure, web services and support to end users.

EUSO currently runs support services for several of the Planets in Entropia Universe, including the well-known Planet Calypso. We have an infrastructure in operation to offer customer support covering multiple languages and multiple time zones. However, for some partner companies other solutions may be of interest depending on their Planet's development stage and plans for the future. In order to support the partners in the best way possible we are interested in evaluating alternative tools (and services) for providing end-user support.

We are looking for 1-2 persons over 4-6 months time. Basic requirement for candidates is an understanding of processes for requirements gathering and product/system evaluations. You must also have an understanding of web technologies and system integration.

The first stage of the thesis project is to gather requirements and scan the market for end-user support systems that can be integrated with various aspects of the Entropia Universe processes and infrastructure – this will include open-source solutions and custom development as well as commercial products. The second stage will be to perform hands-on evaluations of selected candidates and give recommendations for future use. The evaluations will be performed from several perspectives, including requirements from end-users and partners, as well as integrations with MindArk’s other services. If enough time is available a third stage may be added to include implementation of a demonstrator based on one of the selected platforms.

Typical activities will include
- Gathering of requirements
- Establish evaluation criteria
- Market analysis
- Selection of candidates for evaluation
- Set-up of the pilot systems
- Evaluation of candidate products: end-user support, partner integration, etc.
- Rating of solutions and recommendations
- Documentation


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