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Förslaget inkom 2010-07-09

Thesis project/ Student assignment: Cost Analyzes Appliances IKEA of Sweden AB, Älmhult

This is a 20 weeks assignment based in IKEA of Sweden (IOS), in our Älmhult offices. IOS is the heart of IKEA, responsible for IKEA’s product development and availability worldwide and this assignment will give you the opportunity to liaise and work with our partners and co-workers at global level.

The appliances range is a part of the kitchen range and of high commercial importance.
IKEA is offering its customers a range of approx. 120 appliances pr. country divided into eight segments. The segments are ovens, microwaves, hoods, hobs, cooling, dishwashers, laundry and others.
IKEA is sourcing its appliances non-branded with a five year warranty from two known global appliances suppliers. The suppliers have partly own production and partly sourcing from sub-suppliers.
Due to the complexity as well as the range variety, IKEA has until date not been able to analyze all cost-drivers in detail. A solid knowledge on the cost drivers is crucial for IKEA´s understanding and professional behavior in meeting the appliances industry. The category appliances will therefore enlarge its focus on mapping involved cost drivers both in terms of material as well as production and other related costs.

The assignment is to define and analyze the different cost drivers on the IKEA hoods and Induction hob range.

Below areas needs to be investigated and included in the report:

• Complete cost break down of today’s products, including below:
• Product costs (components/material/production)
• Supply chain costs
• Other costs

• Define standardization possibilities.
• Define the cost saving potentials.
• Thinking “out of the box” in terms of sourcing options.
• Present a business case on an optimal IKEA sourcing set-up on specified ranges.

Technical resources will be allocated to the project.

We are looking for two students working as a team, one specialized in Purchasing and one specialized in production technologies. You have good communication and organization skills and can work in multi-cultural environment. You are able to communicate in English, take initiative and work independently.

Application deadline: 2010-08-08. Please write your application in English.
Interviews will be arranged between 16/08 – 20/08/2010
Proposed Start date: There is some flexibility regarding the start of this assignment, however we are aiming to have our students starting in early September (between 01/09 to 15/09).

If you have any questions regarding the thesis assignment, please contact Clovis Silva at 0476- 82960.
For questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact our HR Service Centre at 0476-58 75 00.

We look forward to receiving your application!


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