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Förslaget inkom 2010-08-20

Ex-job/thesis work: Raw Material Purchasing IKEA Components, Älmhult

Do you want to do your ex-job/thesis about Raw-Material Purchasing and Speculations? Get knowledge about the IKEA organisation and the possibility to create good contatcts for the future, then keep reading!

The ex-job will be done at IKEA Components (ICOMP). ICOMPs task within IKEA is to pursue the development of future unique and customer friendly solutions within fittings and components to the IKEA range. We create substantial cost-and quality benefits for IKEA in our development and trade of raw materials, components and fittings.

IKEA Components is part of the IKEA group and share the IKEA vision and values. Our business is global and we are 750 employees based in Sweden, Slovakia and China. Through co-operation with IKEA Trading Offices we are in addition represented at several other sites around the world.

The assignment is to give suggestions on how to make a very professional risk analyze for purchasing of raw-materials. Further, to give recommendation for a systematic way for ICOMP to collect and analyse this information in the future and to create risk senarios.

As a base for this thesis there will be IKEA internal sources of information available, but it is also possible to conduct a market survey or other forms of research in order to collect more information. You are welcome to come with suggestions on how to solve the task.

Final result should include:
• Give recommendations for how to make a professional raw-material market analyze and what factors to analyze
• Give recommendations for a systematic way to collect and analyse this information in the future
• Find main market key performance indicators to follow
• How do other companies purchase and speculate in raw-materials (Benchmark)?

Most of the ex-job will be done from home or at the university.

We are looking for one or two students that are going to do their thesis during the spring, for 20 weeks (can also be ten if needed). Preferably you are studying economics or industrial economics. You are at a high level in English both spoken and written. You are analytical and work well independently.

If you have any questions about the assignment and IKEA Components please contact Patrik Löwe, 0476 - 58 78 21. If you have questions about the recruitment process you are welcome to contact IKEA HR Service Centre +46 (0)476-58 75 00.

Last application date: 2010-08-31

You are welcome to apply through www.ikea.se/jobb!


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