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Förslaget inkom 2010-09-02

Master Thesis: An analysis of mobile packet data traffic for modeling of evolving 3G and 4G service load

Master Thesis:
An analysis of mobile packet data traffic for modelling of evolving 3G and 4G service load

This is an opportunity for a Master of Science student to work with technology leading radio network concept development and the latest technology in the mobile industry.

A large range of new services, applications and devices (e.g. laptops, routers, smartphones, machine to machine) are constantly increasing the packet data traffic in today’s mobile network. This thesis project is focused towards analyzing the behavior of packet data traffic in 3G and 4G mobile networks, to understand the characteristics and impact on today’s and future radio networks. In radio network concept development and research of the new radio technologies, traffic models and radio network models are a fundamental part of the evaluation process.

The thesis includes analysis of packet data characteristics seen in real mobile networks and a comparison with the traffic characteristics generated by a selected set of research traffic models (statistical models). The goal is to answer whether the statistical models used today are representative for the packet data traffic characteristics seen in today’s networks? What are the limitations of the statistical model?
As on optional add on, a break down of services traffic characteristics and their impact on resources utilization in the radio network can be done.

The master thesis will be performed at Development Unit (DU) Radio, Systems & Technology. Systems & Technology is responsible for securing future technology leadership for DU Radio. As a part of achieving this, broad, selected and strategic system studies impacting product decisions and design in the 2-5 year perspective are performed. The unit develops concepts for the Radio Access Network based on knowledge from existing mobile networks and analysis of how traffic and service evolve in today’s mobile networks. Focus technologies in the unit for 2010 include LTE, LTE Advance

• Master thesis for a talented Masters, average grade level for 4-5/ A- B is expected (where 5/A is max).
• You are a Master of Science student in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Applied physics and electrical engineering, Computer Science, or similar
• International studies is meriting
• Excellent analytical skills and are eager to find innovative solutions to problems.
• Fluent in English, both written and spoken
• Excellent communications skills
• A self-starter who can take initiatives and be a team player at the same time.
• You should have a sound understanding of digital communications, cellular systems design and programming skills, preferably Matlab, data mining or experiences from SQL data bases is a plus.

Additional information:
Location: Thesis will be performed at Ericsson AB, Kista, Stockholm
If you are interested in this master thesis please send a CV including personal letter, study results and
additional merits to [email protected] before Sept 30th.
The add is also on www.ericsson.com where it is also possible to apply to the thesis.
If you have further questions please contact: Anette Borg, Senior Specialist, Ericsson AB, phn: 070-267 21 11


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