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Förslaget inkom 2010-09-20

Evaluation of Volvo Packaging Footprint

Please note: This assignment is a student thesis. In order for your application to be considered you need to be a currently enrolled university student eligible to complete a Master thesis as part of your university program.

The core business for Volvo Logistics Emballage is to manage the most efficient packaging system, a system that will enable our customers to optimize both their internal and external logistics. Included is a variety of services to support continuous improvement of the entire supply chain management. These services cover the fields of packaging design & engineering, logistic development and management of special packaging.

Volvo’s returnable packaging, V-EMB, in combination with the Volvo Logistics global distribution system makes it possible to move goods efficiently and economically from the supplier to production and from the spare parts stores to the retailers and importers.

In the global automotive industry there are many different pallet standards and packaging footprints, meaning the physical space/area of a specific packaging. Pallet sizes vary significantly between different regions of the world. Internationally, there are 6 pallet footprints (sizes) recognized by ISO. There are trends, however, towards increasing domestic and global pallet size standardization.The V-EMB range has a unique footprint that is slightly different from the EUR-pallet but is still designed to fully utilize the European trailer size.

Description of thesis work:
As recognition of the important relationship between pallet size selection and supply chain optimization continues to grow, interest in standardizing pallet sizes is also increasing. Optimizing pallet size is an important variable that can lead to a reduction of supply chain costs and an increase in productivity. Decisions regarding pallet size within an international supply chain must emphasize the size of products (packed in boxes), the compatibility of different unit load handling and shipping equipment, and the reusability of pallets in the destination country.

The thesis work will focus on evaluating the Volvo packaging (V-EMB) footprint

We are looking for Master students in Engineering or Industrial economics with an interest in Logistics.

Thesis Level:
Master degree thesis

1. Overview of automotive and industrial production packaging footprints and their benefits
2. What are the current trends in using unique footprints for pallets and containers, like foldable plastic containers and sleeve systems/flat packs?
3. Investigation of lean principles applied to the V-EMB footprint
4. An analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of having a unique packaging footprint
5. Recommendations for further developments, either to keep the unique V-EMB footprint, or switch to another standardized footprint
6. Thesis Report (in English)


Starting date:
As soon as possible

Number of students:

Jimi Österholm, Logistics Developer, tel; +46 31 323 36 51

Please apply at www.volvogroup.com/career


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