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Förslaget inkom 2010-11-10

Master thesis: IP landscaping in relation to communication standards

Ascom Wireless Solutions is a provider of wireless on-site communication systems for mission-critical applications. Our extensive product portfolio consists of state of the art portable handsets, wireless voice- and message transmission systems, and customized alarm applications.

In the telecommunication field, technical standards play an essential role. In complying with a specific standard, not only must companies deal with technical complexity – it is also important to consider the existence of intellectual property (IP), covering technical solutions which are essential to implementing the standard.

The purpose of this master thesis is to investigate how IP relating to wireless communication standards can be identified and acted upon in an efficient manner.

Project scope and deliverables:
The preliminary tasks of the master thesis is to:
• Investigate the IP landscape in relation to a wireless communication standard, e.g. with the purpose to:
- Identify leading IP holders
- Elaborate upon how IP is used by different types of actors in relation to the standard.
• Analyze the standard-setting organization’s IP policy, both from the IP holders’ and the standard-compliant actors’ perspectives.
• Conduct a benchmark study for how standard-compliant companies manage the existence of IP relating to the standard.
• Propose a strategy/workflow for how a medium-sized company can identify IP relating to essential parts of a wireless communication standard, and proactively act upon this identification in an efficient manner.

The following parts should generally be included in the project:
• Identify included requirements
• Plan activities and time
• Literature search
• Benchmarking
• Evaluate different strategies/workflows
• Writing a report
• Presentation

• Student(s) should be in the end of a MSc. education.
• At least basic knowledge in intellectual property law.
• Experience in searching, reading and analyzing patents.
• Technical understanding, preferably in telecommunications.

Duration and Location:
The project is planned to start in the spring of 2011. The duration is 20 weeks and suitable for 1-2 person(s). The project will be conducted at Ascom Wireless Solutions’ HQ in Gothenburg.

Tania Ottebrink,
Manager Product Configuration & Conformity
[email protected]

Emil Haldorson, Patent Engineer
[email protected]

Please send your application including:
• A short individual presentation
• Timing for your thesis
• Description of your current studies and time schedule for your graduation
• Your resume
to: [email protected]


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