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Förslaget inkom 2011-01-03

Text mining pharmaceutical data

The Uppsala Monitoring Centre invites applications from students looking for one-semester M.Sc. thesis projects in engineering, mathematical statistics or computer science. We can offer projects within the following areas:

Text mining
Much useful information in large observational medical data sets is available only in the form of free text. We are developing sophisticated text extraction algorithms to elicit valuable patterns from such unstructured data. We are interested in exploring the combination of fuzzy text matching with Bayesian methods to propose, extract and match information on pharmaceutical products or medical diagnoses.

Please submit your application with CV, course transcripts and a letter to [email protected]
For further information, please contact Niklas Norén, Manager of the Research Department, at +46 (0)18-656060.

The Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) is a foundation and an independent centre for international service and scientific research. Our priorities are the safety of patients and the safe and effective use of medicines in every part of the world. We meet these priorities by innovative research and development, and by providing data, reference, consultative and training resources to medicines regulatory agencies, health professionals, researchers and the pharmaceutical industry all over the world. With a track record of several decades, we are a reliable partner for the wide range of users of our high quality tools and services.

The ultimate purpose of our work is to support good decision-making regarding the benefits and risks of treatment options for patients taking medicines. We strongly believe that effective communication of the most focussed, up-to-date intelligence will maximise treatment effectiveness, reduce risks, and prevent harm or reduce its impact.

A core UMC function is to screen and analyse international data; our aim is to detect, as early as possible, potential issues of importance for patients and public health in relation to the use and safety of medicines. We also provide tools for data entry, management, retrieval, reference and research, such as VigiSearch, VigiFlow and the WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced; and technical and scientific support for the World Health Organization (WHO) and its member countries.

Many of our services and products arise from our responsibility, as a WHO Collaborating Centre, to co-ordinate the WHO pharmacovigilance network of more than 130 countries and manage the current six million reports in VigiBase, the WHO global database of individual case safety reports. We share WHO’s vision of better health for all, but UMC is organisationally and professionally distinct from WHO itself .


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