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Förslaget inkom 2011-02-02

Porting Linux to a Hypervisor Based Embedded System


Embedded systems are spreading more and more and can be found nearly everywhere in our modern life, not only but especially in mobile phones. However, security issues are often not the first addressed during development, even though their importance is growing while systems are getting more and more complex and mobile phones offer more and more functionality. Virtualization techniques made it possible to insert extra software layers underneath software that previously ran at the lowest system level, such as OS kernels. As such virtualization can offer a way of securing software systems “from the outside”, that is as a provider of security services such as isolation or monitoring. SICS is working on a virtualization solution, a so called hypervisor, that runs on embedded platforms and can provide more confidentiality in terms of security than classical solutions as its complexity is much less than the one of an operating system. To underline the usability and power of our solution we are searching for a master student who ports a Linux system to an embedded platform which is protected by the hypervisor.


In his/her thesis the master student will port Linux to a system with an ARM processor and our hypervisor. This system will be simulated on the OVP platform emulator. The work consists of:
- Finding a suitable Linux derivative
- An analysis of what is necessary for the porting
- The porting itself
- Performance (and security) tests
Hence, the project includes
- Elements of theoretical studies
- Software development and testing
- A written report


We are looking for a bright MSc student who brings the following requirements:
- Basic knowledge in C and assembly (advanced knowledge is a plus)
- Knowledge of operating system architectures, preferably of Linux
- A good spoken and written English
- Knowledge on virtualization is a plus

Regularly presence throughout the week is required.
Applications should include a brief personal letter, your CV with your education, professional experience and specific skills and recent grades. In your application, make sure to give examples of previous programming or other projects that you consider relevant for the position. Candidates are encouraged to send in their application as soon as possible, in paper form or via e-mail. Suitable applicants will be interviewed as applications are received.

Please see the attached document for a more detailed description.

The extent of this project is suitable for two MSc students to carry out in collaboration.


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