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Förslaget inkom 2011-03-22

Master Thesis: Scalable Data Collection from Mobile Sensor Nodes

Background and Research Area

Wireless sensor networks combine recent advances in low-power microsensors and short-range wireless radios into an exciting new technology. Wireless sensor networks enable numerous sensing and monitoring services in areas of vital importance such as efficient industry production, safety and security at home and in traffic, and environmental monitoring. The importance of the field is still growing and sensor network are also regarded as a building block of
the so-called Internet of Things.

Thesis Objective and Content

While previous sensor networks have consisted mostly of static nodes, there are more and more emerging applications where nodes are no longer static but move around. This MSc thesis deals with data collection from a large number of moving nodes.
The student's task is to design and evaluate protocols for collecting data from mobile nodes in a reliable, scalable and energy-efficient way.

The student's first task is to perform a literature study to get an overview on existing approaches. The student may then pick some interesting protocols or come up with a new protocol proposal and compare the performance of the different approaches. The protocols are to be implemented in the Contiki operating system (see www.sics.se/contiki ) and evaluated in the COOJA simulator and if times permit on real hardware.

Candidate Requirements

The Networked Embedded System Group (NES, http://www.sics.se/nes) at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS, http://www.sics.se) is one of the leading European research groups in the area of wireless sensor networks. We are looking for a highly motivated student with a strong interest in networking and mobility. The MSc thesis requires very good C programming skills.

Starting Date and Application

The thesis can be started soon. For the application, please provide us with a CV, your courses and grades. In addition, we appreciate an article, paper, thesis or other relevant
documents you have written in your education in order to judge your ability to express yourself in English. Please send your application to [email protected] as a set of pdf files (no archives, single files, please).


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