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Förslaget inkom 2011-04-21

Thesis project/ Student assignment: Surface and mechanical definition- a quality project IKEA of Sweden AB, Älmhult

Besides the IKEA store, the product range is probably what most people associate with IKEA. The product range is the core of the IKEA business, developed to inspire and to provide solutions to everyday home furnishing needs. IKEA of Sweden AB is responsible for developing and supplying the global IKEA range.

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Thesis project/ Student assignment: Surface and mechanical definition- a quality project
IKEA of Sweden AB, Älmhult

The foundation of all product development is the idea that even with a thin wallet people should still be able to create a beautiful home with functional, safe and healthy products. A team of co-workers with different competencies develop products in order to find the right combination of design, function and quality – all to the lowest price possible. To make sure that IKEA products meet the expectations and requirements, some 50,000 tests are carried out each year in the accredited IKEA Test Laboratory in Älmhult.

We are now looking for students helping the Business Area Kitchen and Dining testing some of our kitchen work tops, we want to increase our knowledge for the materials stone (composite stone) and acrylic.

The project will be located in Älmhult at IKEA Test Laboratory due to physical testing in the project. Below areas needs to be investigated and included in the report:

• Define quality level of composite stone, acrylic and surface treated wood
• Define test demands for mentioned materials
• Find new test methods both liquids on surface and mechanical
• Planning rules, what is allowed when you plan your kitchen due to material properties (for example to test how much overhang we can have on a bar solution without risk of bending or breaking).
• Thinking “out of the box” for improvements and test demands
• Potential cost savings
• Create a knowledge bank (data base) of all findings

We are looking for two material orientated students with good teamwork skills, working as a team, not needed to have the same background or education. You have knowledge of managing quality tools and you have great interest in the materials stone and acrylic.
You are able to communicate in English, take initiative and work independently.

You are able to start the 10 weeks project in autumn 2011.
Commuting to Älmhult is preferred, we can not support with accommodation.

Application deadline: 2011-05-18.

If you have any questions regarding the thesis assignment, please contact Markus Malmén at 073-2321064.
For questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact our HR Service Centre at 0476-58 75 00.

We look forward to receiving your application!


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