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Förslaget inkom 2011-06-23

Industrial User Experience development

ABB Corporate Research, Västerås is one of the 7 ABB research centers world-wide, with 200 employees, supporting the operating companies by furnishing them with fundamental research, new technologies and innovative solutions for future product generations. The fields covered at ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, includes both power and automation technology. ABB Corporate Research has extensive collaborations with leading universities and research institutes within the EU and world-wide.

Thesis Background:
Effectiveness and efficiency of a HMI are two measures that indicate its level of usability. However, User Experience covers a lot of other aspects of HMI design that need to be considered to achieve users’ satisfaction of the HMI and the product in general. Measuring User Experience is a challenge because it goes beyond the typical usability measurement metrics and methods. As compared to consumer software, industrial applications have different requirements on usability and user experience. A better method is needed to measure user experience for such industrial applications which have very specific HMIs and related operations that distinguish them with other every day, consumer HMIs.

This thesis proposal includes user studies, technology studies, prototyping, and finally, developing and apply a method for measuring the user experience of the resulting application. In the thesis work you will be part of a bigger development team and work close with them to develop high user experience for one of ABBs industrial applications in the Electricity industry.

Thesis Goal:
The master thesis has as goal to develop and apply a method on how to measure the user experience of the resulting application, improve user satisfaction of the system. Everything is based on a user study.

• Based on user studies, develop concepts that provide effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use for the users of the system.
• Evaluate and select which concepts to develop further.
• Develop a concept demonstrator, together with a project team, that shows how the concepts can be used in real scenarios.
• Develop/Apply an approach to measure user experience induced from the concepts.

Requested Competence:
The thesis is suitable for 2 master thesis students with the following competence:
• M.Sc in Computer Science and interest in interaction design, user/usability testing, and visualization.
• Preferred knowledge in C# and WPF (or C++ or other programming languages).
• Communication and presentation skills in English are essential.
• Experience in graphic design is valuable.
• Independent, outgoing, ambitious, and goal-oriented are qualities we are looking for.


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