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Förslaget inkom 2011-08-08

Sport, Finance and Graphical Design interested IT Student for GUI Design Thesis.

Trade in Sports is a Swedish financial/web service start up in the growing sport investment industry, founded by former SSE and Uppsala University students. We are developing a pioneering online exchange system for sport related profit share trading which will significantly change the world of sports. The service, which is the first of its kind, enables individuals and companies to make investments in profit share schemes related to e.g. football players, golf players and racing horses and to financially support i.a. favorite football teams and promising young athletes while having the chance to gain profits.

As we consider GUI design being a key success factor for our business, we are looking for one or two talented student(s) to evaluate our system’s GUI, create a GUI development strategy/ design proposal based on theoretical and practical studies and possibly implement the proposed GUI in association with Trade in Sports’ co-workers.

The thesis assignment constitutes a unique opportunity to join Trade in Sports' team in central Stockholm. You will be given a lot of responsibility in developing our exchange system while being able to sit with and get support from the Trade in Sports’ co-workers on a daily basis. As we are still a relatively small team with a disruptive technology, you will be given a unique opportunity to shape the future of online sport asset trading.

Our prototype system is based on PostgreSQL/Java back-end and GWT/Java front-end. The GUI Design thesis assignment foremost include working with CSS-files, graphics editing programs and Java/GWT widgets. It is a full-time assignment with great employment possibilities in case of successful cooperation.

You are passionate about graphical design, web trends, information structure, interaction design and web programming and want to be part of a team building a truly disruptive web service. In addition, you find great motivation in entrepreneurship and the opportunity to possibly join a highly motivated founder team on a long term basis. It is beneficial if you are interested in sport and or finance.

You should have good understanding of CS concepts and experience in standard graphics editing programs and the following technologies: Java, HTML, CSS.

Apply now by sending us your resume to: [email protected]

We are considering thesis applications on a continuous basis and are flexible in terms of start dates.

Please contact Claes Holmström if you have any questions: 070 – 247 87 44.


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