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Förslaget inkom 2011-08-17

Detection of Low Probability of Intercept Radar Emitters

Your workplace
Electronic Defence Systems, a business area of Saab, is one of the world’s premier suppliers of solutions for surveillance, avionics and systems to detect, locate and protect against threat.
Within the group Receivers and Exciters, we develop analogue and digital receivers for aircrafts used under surveillance missions. These contain functions for measurement of radar stations and signal processing to be able to identify which type of radar that is discovered. The system is used for situation awareness for the pilot and for flight mission planning.

Your role
Detection of low probability of intercept (LPI) radar signal is an important issue for an electronic support measure (ESM) receiver. Techniques/algorithms for LPI shall be suggested and evaluated in theory and by using the current digital receiver from Saab to capture signals injected from a test environment emulating real world technical scenarios. The signal processing techniques shall be implemented and evaluated using Matlab. The goal is also to realize the most suitable technique in a C/C++ IP building block.

Your qualifications
You are studying master of science or other relevant education. You are familiar with C++, real-time systems and matlab.
You are interested in further development within signal processing and electronic warfare. You are an outgoing, cooperative, structured and responsible person.
The thesis involves work that implicates defence secrecy and requirement of Swedish citizenship.

Working at Saab
Saab’s operations cover a large geographical area and many high-technology products and services. This gives you as employee unique opportunities to develop and grow within the group. We are also aware of the fact that all of us have a life outside the workplace and here at Saab we have a positive attitude to every individual’s need for balance in life. We are proud of being a company of choice; something that all our employees contribute to.

Fredrik Bergdahl
tel: +46 8 58084249

Per Lindell, HR
tel: +46 8 58085470

Sara Andersson, recruiting manager
tel: +46 8 580 852 98


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