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Förslaget inkom 2011-09-27

Wearable Computing/Mobile Augmented Reality Support for Repair Engineers

ABB Corporate Research in Västerås is one of the seven ABB research centers world-wide, with 300 employees, supporting the operating companies by furnishing them with fundamental research, new technologies and innovative solutions for future product generations. The fields covered at ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, includes both power and automation technology. ABB Corporate Research has extensive collaborations with leading universities and research institutes within and outside the EU.

Thesis Background
All industrial equipments need to be maintained and repaired. Repair engineers often need to execute work that requires work orders, instruction and safety requirements written onto paper. After the repair work everything has to be documented. Latest digital technology available in smart phones, especially Augmented Reality (AR), and Wearable Computing have much potential for supporting repair work in preparation, execution and post-processing phases.

Thesis Goal
The thesis has a goal to include produce a prototype of a Wearable Computing and/or Mobile Augmented Reality solution for repair engineers. Technical scope of the work covers:
1) Exchange of data between the mobile app and the internet / intranet and databases (SQL),
2) Processing of local information, e.g. accelerometer, GPS data, compass data and such,
3) Getting access to smartphone’s internal camera and image processing,
4) Connecting individual components into a functional new type of prototype,
5) Designing a suitable user interface together with the supervisor.
Outcome of the work will be a working prototype presentable as part of a larger project.

Required Competence
• Studies toward M.Sc. degree in Computer Science or Computing Science.
• Excellent programming skills (C++/C#/.NET/Java) and otherwise deep understanding of technical issues in computing.
• Experience of mobile application development (Android).
• Interest on developing prototypes on existing Augmented Reality platforms (Layar, Qualcomm AR, AR Toolkit) and Wearable Computing prototyping platforms (e.g. Arduino).
• Competence in network protocols and integration, especially Personal Area Networks.
• Communication and presentation skills in English are essential as the work will be conducted in a global distributed research team.
• Independent, creative, outgoing and goal-oriented are the personal qualities we are looking for. Excellent problem solving skills are necessary and little bit of ambition does not hurt!

Required Scope: 30 ECTS (D-Level)
Last Day to Apply: 2011-12-04. Please enclose CV, cover letter, and grades and send them by email.
Preferred Start Date: Any time between 2012-01-09 and 2012-04-09.


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