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Förslaget inkom 2011-10-24

Process technology to turn peepoos, single use toilets, into fertiliser

The Peepoo is a new sanitation solution aimed for urban informal settlements and emergency sitatuations. The Peepoo is a personal, single use, self-sanitising, bio-degradable toilet in the form of a bag that after a short period of time can be used as a safe fertiliser. The ammonia based sanitation technology used in the Peepoo is developed at SLU by Björn Vinnerås and Annika Nordin. Since November 2010 the Peepoo is being sold, used and collected in Kibera slum in Nairobi Kenya.

The aim of this master project is to develop and evaluate the co-processing options for Peepoos with organic residues and make a well-motivated choice of most viable option for the production of a commercial fertilizer out of the used Peepoo toilets.

Investigation/sceening of relevant organic residues, and partly their processing options from a Kenyan perspective, is performed at the present by a MSc student at University of Nairobi with whom you will work in close collaboration with. The base line survey is performed at the present but possible alternatives for co-processing may be cow manure, coconut fibre, rise husks, coffee pulp & husk, sugar cane bagasse, bio char, composted sawdust etc. You will from the outcome of the screening test mixing rations, process options etc for most promising residues. The processing have to be evaluated according to energy and technical operation, maintenance, and how the process may affect the product e.g. asess nutrient losses during the processing. The organization and logistics of the process alternative(s) may also be evaluated. You will also work in close relation with a student in agricultural economy that will evaluate the processing economy. This project could start in Sweden by screening what processes that are already in use globally.

Background: Engineer or similar

Period: January 2012-May 2012.

Contact: Camilla Wirsen [email protected]


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