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Förslaget inkom 2011-12-12

Thesis Proposal: Visualisation Tool for Sensor Data Fusion for Volvo Technology Corporation

Description of Thesis Work
Active safety systems are intelligent systems attempting to completely avoid an accident as opposed to just reducing its consequences. One crucial component of an active safety system being developed for a vehicle is the sensor data fusion platform. The purpose of such a platform is to read in data from a set of sensors (such as cameras and radars mounted on the vehicle), and combine the information to describe the environment in the best possible way. The platform output consists of e.g. positions and velocities of objects, road information and the current state of the vehicle.

This thesis aims to develop a tool for visualisation of the output of the platform, mainly to demonstrate the platform functionality, but also for evaluation of the platform itself during the development phase. The tool will be implemented as an application on an iPad (or other tablet computer) communicating wirelessly with the vehicle, thus making it possible to view the objects from inside the vehicle, while walking around the vehicle or while driving a target vehicle.

A large focus of the thesis will be on graphics design - the application should leave a professional impression. It should have an intuitive user interface to configure the level of detail of what is visualised, the large amount of information from the platform needs to be filtered. The other part lies in managing the wireless communication, the interface to the sensor data fusion platform and programming of the application. The tool should visualise objects in real-time and the interface should be generic making it possible to adapt the tool for other visualisation purposes.

The task comprises the following:
• Design of graphic elements, different visualisation modes and how the user interacts with the application
• Specify the wireless interface to the sensor data fusion platform
• Using Objective-C/C++/Java to design and develop an application running on a tablet computer
• Evaluate performance of the application in a live environment

Swedish or English

Starting date
February-July 2012

Number of students

Suitable background
1 student: Interaction design, Human factors engineering or similar with programming experience.
2 students: One focusing on graphics design (e.g. Interaction design, Human factors engineering), the other focusing on communication and programming (e.g. Software engineering).

For further information, please contact:
Simon Andersson, Systems Engineer, tel: + 46 31 32 348 53
Frida Ramde, Group Manager, tel: +46 31 32 262 73

Please apply at www.volvogroup.com/career and jobs


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