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Förslaget inkom 2012-01-16

Study and development of event triggered single burst power cells

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are networks of smart and wirelessly connected devices equipped with reduced communication, computation, and sensing capabilities for control and monitoring applications. Typical examples of WSN applications include building and factory automation, smart grids, health-care, and sport training. WSNs are making it possible to construct the Internet of things, which is the next revolution in information technology.

WSNs are composed of three essential components: sensing unit, wireless communication unit, and battery unit. While the sensing and communication units are small and relatively cheap, the battery can be large and expensive and determines the life-time of the system. In many WSN applications, for example environmental sensors, special power sources are needed for the system to be affordable. One option to avoid standard batteries is to have small power cells that provide energy upon the detection of the event.

In this master thesis, a feasibility study for the design of an environmentally friendly power cell based on the principle of the Galvanic cell will be carried out. The goal of the thesis is to study and design a small power cell that starts to provide energy upon the detection of moisture or water. The project will start with a literature study of existing technology by highlighting pros and cons for WSNs. Then, the thesis should focus on the design of a power cell able to provide power supply for one shot wireless communications. The work will be done at one of the leading research laboratories on wireless sensor networks.

Those who are interested to work in an interdisciplinary field and learn new techniques and broaden the knowledge are encouraged to apply. Any Master’s student who has good knowledge of electronic circuit design, chemistry, power cells, and wireless networks is welcome. Electrical engineering, engineering physics, chemical engineering and computer sciences students with strong technical knowledge are encouraged to contact the person below.


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