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Förslaget inkom 2012-02-15

Do you want to develop a C#.Net application?

Asset and people tracking is a business that is rapidly growing. During the last years large companies and hospitals have drastically increased their operational efficiency by using asset and people tracking systems. Imagine a hospital where you have very expensive equipment that you easily share by having an online queue system and where you immediately can find it when it is free. In the same system you can track demented patients to assure that they do not get lost outside the hospital. Tracking of key personnel can also increase the over all efficiency. Thus with this system you can help organizations to drastically increase their output and reduce waste (from Lean Management).

In this thesis work you will develop an asset tracking system based on our positioning system. The SW shall be easy to configure for different customers and the user interface shall be intuitive and look professional. The program will be written in C# .NET and we will need a database in the background. The user interface needs to be a web application that is accessible from any computer. We also need an API that can be accessible by a future smart phone application.

You will design the system from the ground, specify what functions that is needed, set the SW architecture, program some modules and verify them.

The thesis work is for one or two persons.

Below is a summary of the thesis work content.
• Review current SW solution on the market
• Make system specification
• Make SW architecture
• Implement selected modules
• Test SW modules
• Write final report.

Key competence
• Good knowledge in C# .NET framework
• Good knowledge in SW design and programming
• Good knowledge in object oriented programming
• Man computer interaction
• Database technology
• Computer science


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