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Förslaget inkom 2009-05-15

LCA of Electronic Control Unit at Autoliv

About the Electronic Control Unit
Electronic Control Unit, ECU can resembles the brain of a car’s crash safety system. In less than some 10 ms the system must identify and verify a collision and send correct impulses to airbags and seatbelts to mitigate the consequences. Read more about the product on www.autoliv.com

The assignment
Now we want a deeper understanding for the environmental impacts of the ECU. Therefore we like to recruit qualified master thesis students to perform a life cycle assessments (LCA) study on the ECU. The study will proceed in parallel with four other LCA master theses studies at Autoliv.


* To perform an LCA study, including an LCIA, for the studied product;
* That the LCA and LCIA is performed so that environmental comparison to other product categories is possible;
* Determine, through sensitivity analyses, the representatively of the LCA results for the studied product for similar products within its product category;
* Develop, if possible, rules-of-thumb for ecodesign and/or customized ecodesign modules for simplified and quick LC calculations of certain environmental data, i.e:
• Consumption of different resources (energy, water, materials/compounds etc.)
• Specific pollutions like CO2 (and equivalences), NOx, SO2 etc.
• Amount of waste

We would also like to see that you, in dialogue with Autoliv, consider one or several of the following sub-targets in your thesis:

* Determine possible differences:
• Between different material suppliers of the same material
• Depending on the product is manufactured in Europe, USA or Asia
* Determine the relative environmental load of the studied Autoliv product(s) vs. a complete car.
* Determine whether there are materials in the product that should be avoided for environmental reasons.
* Try to interpret the result in consequence analyses and extrapolation of various scenarios.

The thesis can be performed individually or by two students. Examination is handled by Environmental Systems Analysis, ESA at Chalmers. The student/s will have a supervisor both at ESA and at Autoliv Development. The running work will be supported frequently by individual meetings but also with all five thesis projects together.
Thus, it is preferred that the student has connections to Chalmers or at least has the ability to spend the most time in Gothenburg.

To qualify, you must have knowledge about LCA methodology from courses in LCA, (VTM081, ESA, CTH) or similar courses. We would also like to see that you have an adequate technical background (re. materials or production methods) for a fundamental understanding of the product.

Final report shall be in English.

Contact and interest application:
Autoliv Development: Johan Dahlström 0322-626190 [email protected]

Environmental Systems Analysis: Henrikke Baumann 031-7722190 [email protected]

About Autoliv – the automotive safety company
Autoliv is the worldwide leader in automotive safety and among others first to introduce high-tech products like the seatbelt and the airbag on the market. During the past 50 years, the company has emerged from a small Swedish family business to a global corporation with more than 80 facilities in 32 vehicle producing countries. Today we are 36000 associates, whereof 4000 in R/D, and a sales of US $6.8 billion 2008. Autoliv Development AB is the Swedish research company of the corporation and responsible for the LCA studies.


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