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Förslaget inkom 2009-12-08

Evaluation of the usage of graphical effects within the graphical user interface of handheld IR-cameras.

The latest tools for developing graphical user interfaces for handheld systems, such as mobiles, GPS, etc, has enabled the creation of more rich graphical user interfaces with more rapid and complex animations.
FLIR Thermography develops infrared cameras with a high level of advanced features available within the camera user interface.

The goal of this master thesis project is to identify where and how graphical effects such as animations can be beneficial to the user experience/usability of the product. Some simple examples where this could apply in a FLIR camera are during the image saving process or camera mode selection. However, FLIR cameras potentially have quite a few more specific situations where different graphical effects could enhance the users understanding in some way, e.g. manipulation of measurement functions, image analysis tools, combining multiple video sources, etc.

This master thesis project therefore aims to explore different kinds of graphical effects that potentially could enhance the users understanding of the camera and its usage. More specifically, this master thesis project involve identification and selection of appropriate graphical effects, implementation of prototypes in a FLIR camera, user evaluation, and finally compiling a form of style guide (for internal use within FLIR) regarding the use of animations etc. within FLIR-cameras. This style guide would be describing where to use, how to use and the purpose of using specific graphical effects.

- A good attitude towards the challenges of designing and developing the right user experience.
- Experience in developing graphical user interfaces, based on some form of xml-based descriptive language (WPF, Silverlight, TAT, ... )
- Basic knowledge about interaction design.
- Fluent in Swedish and English.

The master thesis work takes place at FLIR’s office in Danderyd, starting January 2010. Some economic compensation will be made for the project.

Send your application by email directly to Mikael Erlandsson. Also, please contact Mikael if you have any questions, or need further information.
Tel: +46 8 7532802, Mob: +46 73 908560, [email protected]


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