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Förslaget inkom 2009-12-18

Internship on the exciting energy sector of wind power

In 2020 the energy production from wind power in Sweden aims to be about 30 TWh per year, corresponding to an increase of about 200% compared to what is produced today. This is the goal defined by the Swedish government in accordance with the intentions of the European Union for the year 2020: a decrease of the emission of greenhouse gases with 20% and an increase of the production of renewable energies with 20%.

Optimal placement of wind turbines on sites with good wind conditions is an important requirement in order to maximize the energy production of a wind farm. In reality, this requirement is very difficult to fulfill. An evaluation study of wind farms in operation is a valuable source of knowledge in order to better understand how to plan a wind farm.

The aim of this internship is to evaluate the energy production of the Hedbodberget wind farm. This wind farm consists of nine 2 MW wind turbines installed in the municipality of Rättvik, in operation since Mars 2009. The energy production is estimated to be about 50 GWh per year. Hedbodberget wind farm is owned and was developed by o2, the Swedish largest windpower producer.

Some aspects to be investigated during this internship are the deviation of the measured energy production relative to the expected production, the evaluation of possible causes of this deviation and the survey of alternative methods to improve the quality of the production estimations. This internship involves the understanding of how wind power is produced, the analysis of measurements of wind flow and the use of existent models, as well as the development of new models, to estimate the energy production of a wind farm. A study involving computational fluid dynamics may also come into context during this internship.

The work will be developed at the office of o2 located in central Stockholm where a team of 23 enthusiastic people works. The company is also located in Öland, Östersund and Kiruna with a total of 36 employees. Possible travels to the other offices and visits to wind farms will be financed by the company. The work may be conducted either in Swedish or English.

For more information, please contact:
Sónia Liléo
Tel: 0737529574
email: [email protected]


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