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Förslaget inkom 2006-10-17

Twist and curl of paperboard: Industrial implementation of new measurement instrument

Curl is a dimensional stability phenomenon common to all paper and paperboard products. Paper and paperboard is said to curl when it deforms out of its plane, thus acquiring a cylindrical shape. Although the nature of curl (and of the special type of curl called twist) is complex, curl is generally attributed to asymmetry in properties through the thickness of the sample, giving an uneven response to moisture.
The measurement of curl is an underdeveloped art and existing measuring equipments and strategies often prove to be inadequate. Additionally, most available methods are so time consuming that they cannot be applied in an industrial environment.
STFI-Packforsk’s research activities on paperboard resulted in a new measurement method which has successfully been implemented at laboratory scale. A second prototype is now ready for field testing in the quality control laboratory in a Swedish paperboard mill. You will start your work at STFI-Packforsk in Stockholm and perform the final testing and trimming of the prototype. You will then follow the instrument to the mill site of one of our industrial partners and implement the routines necessary for long time testing of the instrument and measurement method. Your work will be one of the main steps in assessing whether the new prototype shall be made commercially available.

STFI-Packforsk AB is one of the world's leading R&D companies in the fields of pulp, paper, graphic media, packaging and logistics. The activities range from basic research to direct commission, where our expert skills and know-how are utilised to find solutions for customers to apply in their operations. STFI-Packforsk head office is situated in Stockholm, adjacent to the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH. The company also has offices in Kista and in Örnsköldsvik. STFI-Packforsk is represented in Trondheim, Norway by PFI AS, a research company in which it has majority ownership.


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