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Förslaget inkom 2007-05-11

Eventplanner - Development of an event planning tool

About Eventplanner

Liquidice Eventplanner is a start-up, focusing on reducing the cost of administration for company and private events by providing effective tools for the planning and execution of meeting, seminars, conferences and parties. We are now looking for creative programmers that can help us plan and develop our web based solutions for event planning. We are a part of The Rynge Group that work with transforming good ideas into great companies.

More information will shortly be available at: http://eventplanner.liquidice.com

Description of the project

We are looking for one or a few driven persons capable of writing web solutions in PHP connected to MySQL databases. You will work as a team together with the management of Eventplanner, planning and developing various web based tools for reducing the need of administration when planning events. This includes setting up a system for administrators of different levels, developing the GUI and functions for the different levels of users (eg. event organizers and event attendees) as well as interact with potential customers to get an understanding of what their demands and needs are.

Since the majority of the development will be conducted remotely, using collaborative tools, the students needs to be able to take a large portion of responsibility by themselves and the planning of the development is also a part of the work. The code and database design has to be structured and documented to make further development possible.
Preliminary schedule is set for the 10-20 week duration in the spring of 2007. However, duration and dates are flexible.

We want you to have experience in database and web solution development. We believe that the project will be rewarding for you as a person and give you the opportunity to put practical use to the knowledge you have obtained during your studies.

The project is an essential part of the success of Eventplanner, and we value your inputs and thoughts regarding the work process as well as how the solutions should be developed.

Since this is a project under development and evaluation, there could be possibilities of continuance of the development if the project is successful.

To apply, please send application and resume to: ola.rynge (at) liquidice.com


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