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Förslaget inkom 2007-05-31

Innovativ medialogistik med hjälp av handdatorer och streckkoder, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset

About us

The PDA project at Sahlgrenska University Hospital aimed at creating a platform for using PDA:s as a natural part of the daily workflow, integrating with and simplifying the use of the existing software systems. The project started in fall 2005, and is developed on site by two full time developers. It originated in a previous masters thesis in 2004.

Throughout the first year, a platform has been developed that makes it possible to write standalone modules with new functionality that plugs in on both client and server and automatically gains the benefits of the existing solutions for client-server communication, authentication, authorization and so on. The platform is based on .NET 2.0 and C# for both client and server (.NET Compact Framework is used on the client), Windows Mobile based PDA:s and web services over WiFi.

Thesis description – Interactive Media Archive


The project is suggested to be in the form of a masters degree thesis, 20p, for one or two students, but the project description will be formed in detail in collaboration with the student(s).
Expected student background
The student(s) are expected to have good knowledge of C#/.NET, experience of .NET Compact Framework is a plus but not required. The project will require independent work, creativity, problem solving and skills in quickly adapting to a new framework, as the existing platform for network communication, presentation and security will be central.
Project background
A group of students from IT University of Göteborg have created a prototype for a media archive, basically a client/server application for accessing (listing, displaying, printing) documents and other media from a PDA.

What makes this more than an application for listing and retrieving files on a remote server is the ability to “send” documents to other targets using the PDA and a barcode scanner. The prototype allows for documents to be sent to a printer by scanning a barcode placed on the printer, and also to send images to PCs, where they are displayed full screen. In reality no document data is transmitted from the PDA, but a request is sent to the server which then sends the data to the intended target. This gives the appearance of transmitting an image or document from the PDA to a PC, for example, but goes around the limitations in memory size, screen size, CPU and bandwidth on the PDA. It also allows for different views of the document to be seen depending on the target device, a low-res thumbnail image on the PDA that becomes a high resolution image displayed on a large flatscreen when sent from the PDA, for example.

Output from media archive

The first step is to create a full media archive application, integrated with the existing platform. The work would consist of work on several different parts: a server part, a client part for the PDA, a client/service for PCs for displaying documents when requested, and a system for administrating content.

One of the challenges would be to support a wide range of document types on the PDA, on PCs and in printing. A word document for example should obviously retain its full formatting and include images when being printed, but might be presented as text only on the PDA to allow for a quick preview. Display on a PC should probably be done using the word application or word viewer. Similar decisions would have to be made in supporting other text document types and also images, video and audio files, and the decisions on how to treat one type of data can be as important as the implementation. Another challenge is in exploring the possibilities of the barcode scanner and PDA for redirecting and accessing media in new, creative but intuitive ways.

Input to media archive

The small format and frequent lack of hardware keyboards makes PDAs unsuitable for creating large text docu


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