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Förslaget inkom 2007-03-07

Biomedical products from fungi grown on bioethanol by-products

MicroDrivE – MSc Project School
Environmental and economic reasons motivate focused research on biofuel production. The new research programme MicroDrivE – Microbially Derived Energy, offers a series of MSc projects within bio-preservation, enzymatic pre-treatments, ethanol fermentation, bioprocessing of byproducts, biogas production and fertility effects of bioresidues. The projects are supervised by scientists from the Departments of Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Chemistry at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala. MicroDrivE cooperates with a number of biotech and bioenergy companies. For information on the other MSc projects use the search function ”Fritext” to search for MicroDrive.

Natural polymers are today used in numerous commercial products. Chitin is after cellulose the most abundant polysaccharide found on earth. Fungi, insects, shrimps and crabs e.g. produce chitin. Chitin can be chemical modified into a biotechnical important form, called chitosan, a deacetylated derivative of chitin. Chitosan is biocompatible, biodegradable, show low toxicity and can be used in numerous of applications. These include use as a flocculent, clarifier, affinity chromatography matrix, plant disease resistance promoter, anticancer agent, wound-healing promoting agent, and anti-microbial agent. Traditionally, chitin and chitosan are obtained from shrimp and crab shells, but for several reasons there is an interest in exploring alternative sources for chitosan production.

In the present project you will explore the possibilities of obtaining chitosan from filamentous fungi as an alternative source of industrial chitosan production. Fungi can be grown on various substrates and in the project you will investigate the possibilities of using “drank” as a substrate for fungal growth. “Drank” is a waste product obtained from bioethanol production and exploring the optimal growth condition is one of the central issues in this project. From the fungi you will also prepare chitosan and investigate the product in different bioassays. The aim of these experiments is to start to investigate if the obtained product(s) have a potential in future biomedical applications.

In the project you will collaborate with different research groups in the MicoDrivE project but also concerning the bioassays another research group at Lund University.

We are looking for a student within the microbiology and biotechnology area interested in future technologies for biofuel production and environmental concerns.

For information on the Department of Microbiology, SLU, visit our Web-site: http://www.mikrob.slu.se


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