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Förslaget inkom 2007-08-16

Thesis work in IPTV and Data Communication

The growth of Internet and the development of the Internet Protocol (IP) have exceeded all expectations. Greatly improved infrastructures make more advanced Internet services and applications available for end-users. In the multimedia marketplace, IPTV technology is no longer a future possibility, but a present reality and it will completely change the way television is distributed. While cable television companies have been offering broadband services for about a decade, telecommunication carriers are now ambitiously building video-enabled networks and offering equivalents of traditional broadcast and cable video service. However, Telco’s will have to resolve some major technical challenges. One problem is the end-to-end technical quality due to limited network bandwidth which decreases with the distance from the exchange cabinet. The introduction of High-Definition TV (HDTV), which requires high bit rates (typically above 8 Mbit/s) may be quite a challenge, even if advanced coding technologies such as MPEG 4 AVC (H.264) or Microsoft VC1 is used.

The consortium Acreo, Mid Sweden University, Fiber Optic Valley and ServaNet is now offering several thesis works in the area of IPTV and data communication. The consortium is well recognized in Sweden for their research activities within IPTV and data communication. We are also collaborating with Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

Available thesis work:

1. Fast Channel Switching for set-top boxes, 20 Credits
2. Native RTP Streaming, 20 Credits
3. Edge server solutions, 20 Credits
4. PIM-SSM (Single Source Multicast) implementation, 20 Credits
5. PIM-SSM survey, 10 Credits
6. VoD distribution techniques, 20 Credits

For more information about the specific projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

- Strong interest in data communication, IPTV, and security
- Good programming skills in C/C++, JAVA etc.
- Candidates for the thesis work should have a major in computer science, electrical engineering or mathematics.
- The candidate can be either practical or analytical (or both) since the thesis work include both prototyping-oriented and mathematic analysis-oriented work.

Points of Contact:

Mikael Gidlund, [email protected]

Hans Eric Sandström, [email protected]

Ulf Jennehag, [email protected]


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