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Förslaget inkom 2007-05-31

Visual Analytics of hierarchical data

Master degree thesis opportunity at Spotfire Sweden
Effective immediately Spotfire AB in Göteborg has the opportunity to offer two skilled students an interesting and challenging master degree thesis opportunity (20p).

Spotfire has developed a highly interactive data analytics platform, Spotfire DXP, using the Microsoft .Net framework. Spotfire is now interested in investigating different possibilities for enabling end users to analyze hierarchical data. The evolution of XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 and the wide spread usage of XML, has made it more interesting than ever to analyze hierarchical data.

The thesis research will involve an investigation of how to visualize and query hierarchical data interactively. The desired outcome is a suggestion for how to enable the end user to work with hierarchical data as effective as tabular data can be analyzed in Spotfire DXP today.

Expected content of the research
We expect that the following will be part of the work involved in the research:
• Investigation of existing technologies for visualizing and querying large hierarchical data bases.
• Investigation of suitable data structures for building an interactive visualization environment for hierarchical data
• Implement a prototype that visualizes hierarchical data
• Validate that the prototype can be used for analysis of hierarchical data

Expected student background
We anticipate that the work involved in the research will require a strong background in Computer Science and in Human Computer Interaction Research.

The work involved will require good knowledge in:
• Data visualization
• Algorithms
• Programming (Java and C#)
• Usability studies

Work location
The work will be performed at Spotfires offices in Göteborg, Sweden

Contact information
Inquiries and applications for this thesis project can be sent to [email protected] More information about the company can be found at http://www.spotfire.com .

Spotfire - The Information Insight Company

Enterprise Analytics on the Front Line of Business
Spotfire, the Information Insight Company, is a leading provider of enterprise analytics software that helps professionals quickly discover new and actionable insights in information. For thousands of business professionals faced with day-to-day decisions, Spotfire offers a visual and interactive analytics experience that helps them make decisions with speed and confidence. Distinguished by its ease of use and analytic power, Spotfire software rapidly reveals unseen threats and illuminates new opportunities, creating significant economic value. Spotfire’s customers include industry leaders among the Global 2000 that have deployed Spotfire analytics to gain an information advantage over their competitors. The company, founded in 1996, maintains U.S. headquarters in Somerville, Mass., and European headquarters in Göteborg, Sweden.

Spotfire Enterprise Analytics: Speed and Adaptability
The Spotfire enterprise analytics platform is architected to deliver a radically faster analysis experience and one that is infinitely more adaptable to specific analysis challenges and data sources than traditional BI tools, custom spreadsheets or static reports. Spotfire software shifts the power to ask and answer virtually unconstrained questions to front-line business users -- the people who make decisions everyday -- without requiring new reports or custom queries from IT.

Spotfire's interactive, visual capabilities for data analysis empower individuals to easily see trends, patterns outliers and unanticipated relationships in data with unprecedented speed and adaptability. The interface automatically adapts to new data sources and BI products, instantly transforming into a tailor-made analysis console without any programming. With just a few mouse clicks, findings jump off the screen. Spotfire's Guided AnalyticsTM capability captures best practices and shares ana


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