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Förslaget inkom 2008-05-30

Development of a virtual 3D environment and user inteface implemented in a surgical VR-simulator

Background: The incresed computer power enables new areas of interest. One of these areas are the use of surgical simulators, where the surgeons can practise specific operations in a virtual environment. The simulator is built up with 3D-visualization of a medical object and haptic device that enables both visual and haptic interaction in the virtual environment. Collosion is detected between a virtual surgical tool and the virtual object, the haptic feedback is performed when a user touches the object.
Today these medical simulators start to be more and more commonly used for education of surgeons at the medical centers. (For more info, please visit www.simulatorcentrum.se). The Mechatronics Lab at KTH have during a forthgoing PHD-project developed a VR & haptic simultor where the user can train and practise medical bone milling applications. (For more info, please visit http://www.md.kth.se/research/projects/mda/p13.shtml?eng). This master thesis is an extension to that project.

Master thesis task: The main task with this master thesis is to develop and implement a 3D virtual environment in a medical VR- and haptic simulator that is under development. It is an endoskopic operation that will be simulated, where tool and camera are put into a narrow tube. The modelled 3D environment must be realistic and as much as possible mimic the real endoscopic camera image and interaction.

Basically, the task is to further on develop the already developed rendering of bone milling (e.g. the skull as in the left image); where bone material removal is simulated in real-time when performing haptic milling. An example of a more detailed 3D environment is showed in the right figure.

H3DAPI (haptic library)
3D Computer Graphics & Volume Visualization (Marching Cubes/3D-textures, etc.)

This master thesis will lead to a demo of the above mentioned medical simulator. This project is important for the development of medical simulators, hence a well done master thesis will enable international publication of the results. It is good if the person who may do this master thesis have interests in C++ programming and computer graphics.

Are you interested?
Please, contact Magnus Eriksson (PHD-student in haptics) for more info, [email protected], 08-7906579.


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