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Förslaget inkom 2007-07-06

Projection Screen Solutions

Optea needs to find suitable materials for projecting images upon and some promising materials have been bought. The market of screens needs nevertheless be looked into more, to see if there is some appropriate screen materials to buy, test and perhaps modify. Their optical properties need to be studied in order to find out which ones to really use in the finished product for the various applications. The materials should for instance have as high diffuse transmittance as possible, so that the image will appear clearly when projecting an image by rear projection. At the same time, the material shall not reflect surrounding light into the eyes of the viewer. When it comes to front projection, the screen shall have a high reflectance. The direction of the refracted light is also of importance. The so called gain of a screen, tells how well the image can be seen from the side. Different screens have different gains. The transmittance and reflectance and their angular dependence shall be studied.

Since the projector is supposed to be placed in different vehicles, like boats, cars and caravans, it is interesting to find out what type of screen is most appropriate for the various applications. The material can for instance be some kind of plastic film, that can be attached to the window of the car. Other soft and hard materials are also possible solutions.

In short:
1. Look into the market of available screens and soft and hard plastic materials. Find out which characteristics the screens shall have. Buy the most interesting alternatives.
2. Perform experiments/ tests of their optical performances.
3. Make conclusions about which material to use in the different applications, when considering parameters, like surrounding light, size of screen and the position of the viewer, etc.

About the company:
Optea is a company developing innovating Display Systems.
Our goal is to introduce state of the art technology into innovative applications, providing users with bigger and brighter vision. We base our technology on projectors and unique screen solutions. These are optimized for best performance and flexibility on vehicle and marine applications. We are based in the High Tech cluster, Teknikhöjden, in Stockholm.
Optea is an equal opportunity employer that encourages diversity in its team.

For questions, please contact Esteban Arboix at 0768-583070.


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