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Förslaget inkom 2007-09-21

IPTV Viewer Activation Platform

With DSL, cable and fiber/LAN access growing in availability, broadband networks are gaining in acceptance in European households. At the same time the digitization of the TV Industry is continuing in a rapid pace. This development has created a market for TV distribution with IP technology, so called IPTV. Examples of platforms for this TV distribution include Motorola and Swedish-based Tilgin.

These new platforms enable the consumer to access the new types of content and applications that previously have been available on computers, smartphones and PDAs. The TV is becoming a part of the intelligent home. Accedo Broadband is aggregating and creating a portfolio of applications and content for cross-platform usage for all types of IPTV clients. The accurate delivery of applications to different customers is made possible through AAPS - the Accedo Application Provisioning Solution.

The current evolution of IPTV is narrowing the gap between television broadcasts and the interactive services. TV channels and operators are starting to show interest in creating new services dependent on and related to the current broadcasts. Competitions, voting applications and additional information are prominent examples.

The thesis work will specify, design and implement a prototype for a multi-device application with corresponding management system, which lets operators, TV channels or service providers design competitions, contests and other activation interactivity programs for the TV viewer.

The first part of the thesis will be to investigate how to best include activation interactive content into stand-alone applications in the Accedo portfolio. On a technical level, those applications are in most cases implemented as dynamic web pages. The next step would then be to examine different IPTV middlewares and possibilities for interacting with TV channel content directly, redirecting users to interactive applications or adding interactivity on top of the TV-stream content.

* How can the TV operators design and display interactive content in a TV channel context?
* How can users go to interactive areas and back to the linear content?
* What are the technical implications on Accedo's AAPS system?

As part of the investigation process, the thesis workers will have to get familiar with certain parts of the AAPS system.

The project is suitable for 1-2 thesis workers for 20 credits. Size can be adjusted with choice of applications, platforms and depth of functionality.

The thesis requires knowledge and interest of programming in e.g. Java and C/C++, as well as Internet, Linux and networking technology. Some experience in database management could prove useful. A personal interest and drive for the technical development of consumer electronics and TV is greatly appreciated.


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