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Förslaget inkom 2007-09-03

Substation Communication Security within E.On.

The operation of electricity distribution networks is today dependent on computerized control systems. Schematically, a control system is constructed of a number of distributed building blocks. In substations, local IT-systems control the process through time-critical functions using sensors and actuators connected to the equipment within the power network. The local IT-systems are orchestrated by central IT-systems via various types of communication networks through which commands and data are sent. The communication between local IT-system and their central counterparts are vital to the functionality of the control system, any disrup-tion or misuse could cause loss of control over the power process.

Historically, the different control system units as well as the communication protocols between them were proprietary developed and few people understood how they worked. This, in combination with their isolation from other systems, such as the corporate network, provided a certain degree of security. However, in order to achieve more maintainable and interoperable control systems a trend towards standardized systems and protocols is apparent today. This standardization trend is however bringing new concerns when it comes to the security of the systems. The use of common and well known technologies in combination with the in-creased connectivity exposes control systems to common cyber threats, such as malicious software, which could harm the functionality of the system. Moreover, with more open technological solutions it becomes eas-ier to acquire detailed knowledge of system designs and the vulnerabilities of these. Technical information which could be used in a directed cyber attack against the control system with potentially devastating conse-quences, such as damaged equipment, blackouts or loss of lives.

This master thesis project is focused on assessing the security of substation communication within E.On in Sweden. In essence there are three areas of interest:
• The security within decentralized front-end power control units.
• The communication from power control units to remote terminal units.
• The communication between control centers.

This master thesis project aims to survey the protocol architecture used within E.On within abovemen-tioned areas. Based on this communication architecture, vulnerabilities together with associated risks should be assessed. Moreover, suggestions on both short- and long-term countermeasures should be developed to mitigate the assessed risks.


Suitable applicants are Master of Science students from D, E, F, and IT. Knowledge within the fields IT-security, communication protocols, industrial control systems and the electric power process is an advantage, but not required.
Application Deadline: September 1st 2007
Application Details: Send CV and a transcript of relevant courses together with corresponding grades to Teodor Sommestad ([email protected]).


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