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Förslaget inkom 2007-11-01

Marketing survey - payment services

GBL Global Business Link AB is the owner of phonetrade.com and SwedEscrow.com. Phonetrade.com was established in 1998, an independent Swedish private company. As the first portal for mobile phone B2B trading outside USA. With a marketplace of 800 selected member companies from 90 countries we supply our customers with the best solutions for increased efficiency at a low business risk.

SwedEscrow was launched this autumn as a global payment service that eliminates the business risks for sellers and buyers within the cross border trading for all products and services.

The continious increasing numbers of mobile phone brands and models as well as the shorter product cycles require new solutions within logistics and distribution comparing structures seen in the latest 20 years in the market. The trend is that the mobile phones find fast and cost efficient routes from the factory to the shop and consumers. Phonetrade is responding to and supporting this development and change in the paradigm by the 2007 launch of a new business model and web solution. In cooperation to one of the largest world banks we will act as intermediary trade credits.

The thesis we would like is a study telling us the demand of our product SwedEscrow. We like to know if the current payment terms is to be considered as deal breakers or deal helpers. In the time of increasing globalization and foreign trade betweek small and mediumsized companies on the other side of the globe. What is the need of a riskelimnation trading tool such as SwedEscrow. We also want to have the optimal SwedEscrow market in terms of locations, different trading routes size of companies, products/services.

We think we have found a black hole in the market between the banks payment services LD or DC and on the other side deliver agains an invoice and seller take the 100 % of the business risk or prepayment where buyer is taking 100 % of the business risk. According to what we have found SwedEscrow is one of a few escrow companies in the world. Read more at our web site.


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