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Förslaget inkom 2008-12-09

Database for COPC certification, Copenhagen

The Company:
LN eurocom tele services a/s is a Danish based contact center established in 2004 as a result of a merger between the two former companies LN Marketing A/S and Eurocom Tele Services A/S. The company provides services within 3 key areas – Technical support, Customer services and Telemarketing - and employs approx. 220 agents on 2 different locations in Copenhagen and Aalborg. Through the delivery of a wide array of contact center services combined with a strong focus on quality control and documented processes LN eurocom tele services a/s strives on a day-to-day basis to maintain its position as one of the strongest providers of IT-, Customer- and Telemarketing services in Northern Europe.

LNE has recently started the process with acquiring a COPC certification for its inbound division in Copenhagen. A vital part of the certification process will be the creation of a database which gather and report all necessary data and metrics. The suggested project will consist of three main parts:

1) Database creation
2) Creation of interface
3) Automate data collection

The project will be performed in close cooperation with the internal IT department and the process and certification manager and will start in the period jan-aug 2008.

1. Database creation

The first part of the project will consist of creating the actual SQL database. This database will be the foundation of all data gathering and reporting. The database should be able to handle a minimum of 63 different metrics which should be accessible on 3 different levels (agents, team and site).

2. Creation of interface

The second part of the project will be to create and launch a web based interface for the database. This interface should provide all appropriate personnel with access to the necessary data.

3. Automate data collection

The third part will be to create an automatic collection of all data. This part of the project will require connecting the database to our existing system; e.g. phone system, logging system, servers and other existing databases.

Required Skills:

• Profound knowledge and interest in Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET and C#
• Fluent in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian.
• Excellent English skills (verbal and written)
• Service minded, pedagogic and quality oriented
• Systematic, responsible and flexible
• Sense of humor and adds to the positive working environment
• Excellent communications skills
• Minimum 22 years
• Interested in long term employment of completion of project

After the successful completion of the project described above there will be a high probability that the exam worker will be offered a full time employment with LNE IT department.

For more information please contact:
Björn Sjölander, Quality Manager
Direct: +45 72 27 44 10
GSM: +45 25 26 44 10
Mail: [email protected]

We would like your application (in english) as soon as possible. It should be send, complete with Ladok result and references, to [email protected]


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