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Förslaget inkom 2008-04-09

Graphics programming projects for visualization on 3D display

Setred develops a new high end 3D display that does not required glasses. It is based on technology developed at Cambridge University, England, and MIT in Boston. The company has offices in Stockholm, Oslo and London. The company has a fully functioning prototype and is expecting to launch a product next year. Current application areas include medicine and oil&gas. Longer term consumer applications are expected, primarily within computer gaming.

We are currently looking for a student to do one of the following projects.

* Direct 3D API/Interceptor.

The goal of this project is to modify and enhance the interception of the Direct3D API, and especially adding support for intercepting shader programs. There may also be opportunities for finding common functionality between the OpenGL- and the Direct3D-interceptor.

* Advanced volume rendering methods

The goal of this project is to find and implement one (or more) efficient volume rendering engine with higher visualization qualities. The main challenges are to understand the difficulties in volume rendering, what is expensive and how these calculations can be simplified? Understand the geometry, find and evaluate a number of methods and implement at least one. Find similarities between adjacent views and find possible rendering savings. Which image enhancement algorithms can be applied to get a better visual result?

* Enhance the quality of estimated disparity and evaluate alternative interpolation methods

We have a method to create a sequence of views based on stereo inputs but this method needs to be refined. The two major parts in this method are disparity estimation and view interpolation. The goal of this project is to create a sequence of views with satisfactory quality. The main challenges are to find methods to enhance the quality of estimated disparity and evaluate different methods to interpolate views based on this information.

* Implement warping

Warping is a non-linear, non-distorting rendering method for 3D display which gives correct geometry. The goal is to create an implementation of warping with good performance. The challenges are to understand the method and implement it in an efficient way.

The successful candidate should have a strong knowledge of C/C++ and realtime 3D computer graphics (either OpenGL or Direct3D). The project will be carried out in collaboration with people in the UK and Norway, which means good English is required. The successful candidate will be the main developer for this project, therefore he or she needs to be self-motivating and have experience on a previous software project using source control, bug tracking etc.


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