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Förslaget inkom 2008-05-30

Using enterprise architecture to evaluate the quality of enterprise information systems

Enterprise architecture is a model-based approach to manage and get an overview of enterprise systems. Reserachers at the department of Industrial Information and Control Systems at KTH do research within the field of enterprise architecture.

The purpose of this research is to create methods and theories to augment current enterprise architecture models and frameworks with analysis frameworks. The augmentations will provide IT decision makers such as Chief Information Officers with quantitative answers to a specific set of questions including but not limited to:
•What is the quality of our information systems?
•Does our information systems support our business processes?
•Does the IT organization that manages the IT systems meet its performance requirements?

The master thesis: A case study to evaluate system quality

The present master thesis entails using a modeling language and analysis framework developed within a PhD project and validate its applicability by doing a case study. The case study shall be performed a company and the output of the case study shall be a set of enterprise architecture models describing the information systems in questions and an analysis of the quality of the evaluated information systems.

To accomplish this a number of activitites need to be performed (not necessarily in this order):

1.To find a company willing to participate in the case study
2.To do a literature study about enterprise architecture and IT system qualities. The master thesis worker will learn not only general ideas behind enterprise architecture and system quality evaluations but more specifically study the framework and modeling language developed at KTH.
3.To do a case study and create enterprise architecture models of the relevant information systems
4.To apply the system quality analysis framework on the enterprise architecture models and calculate the IT system qualities.
5.To suggest improvements to the modeling language and the analysis framework.


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