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Förslaget inkom 2006-07-03

RFIC Design of SiGe 4 channel 80GHz Mixer

Acreo AB is developing a low-cost radar for automotive applications operating at 77 GHz. Several RF blocks have been designed and tested. For a complete system there is a need to design the remaining IC blocks. This Master Thesis Work is focused on the design of an 80GHz Mixer in a SiGe Bipolar or BiCMOS process. The LO is a 40GHz signal which is fed to the LO port of the mixer. The 80GHz RF signal coming from 4 antenna elements is fed to the RF port of the mixer. Depending on the mixer architecture chosen there may be requirements for other elements (multipliers, buffers, 90deg phase splitters).

Required Background
• Experience with Agilent ADS and/or Cadence® IC design tool to perform design, simulation and layout.
• Knowledge in analog RF design
• Ability to work in a team
• Experience with 3D electromagnetic field simulators is an advantage

This Master Thesis will start with literature studies to get a feeling how a radar system works and analyze Design Requirement Specifications for the mixer. In addition a survey of different SiGe foundry processes will be done. The next step is an overview and selection of suitable architectures for the specified block implementation. Then follow schematic simulation and optimization to meet the specified requirements. A complete schematic block should be verified in a radar system test bench simulation. When the schematic design is ready, the corresponding physical layout design has to be done. To verify the designed layout, an extracted schematic will be simulated. Finally, the design has to be documented and presented to Acreo AB. The Master Thesis students are expected to participate and contribute in design and test reports according to Acreo quality requirements. The described tasks for each student are summarized below.
• Brainstorming and literature studies
• SiGe Foundry evaluation
• Schematic simulation
• System simulation
• Physical layout design
• Design documentation
• Presentation

Time plan and Location
The thesis work as defined above is scheduled for 20 weeks and starts as soon as suitable candidates are found. The thesis work will be carried out at Acreo AB in Norrköping.
Contacts at Acreo AB
Michael Salter, [email protected], Acreo AB (Supervisor)
Patrick Blomqvist, [email protected], Acreo AB (Project Manager)


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