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Förslaget inkom 2006-08-02

Open Source IP Telephony

Summary of Organization
The Biomedical Engineering Department (MTA) at Karolinska University Hospital is becoming a major driving force in applying telemedicine and e-health in developing regions. The projects driven by MTA are both national and international in nature with partners from many countries.
One of the long-term goals of the department is to create a testbed environment where new emerging technologies can be developed, evaluated and implemented both in industrialized and developing regions.
To be able to reach this long-term goal, the department is seeking to develop partnership programs together with both the academia and the industry. Involving students, researchers and industry professionals creates a win-win situation, where its possible for the academia to get access to a research field within the area of applied Telemedicine/e-Health, the IT- and biomedical professionals to develop new products and services, and the hospital to get access to high value-added competence and creating new opportunities for emerging and innovative solutions benefiting both the patients and the hospital.

Thesis description
Thesis work is oriented to 1 or 2 master level students within the field of computer science, electrical engineering and networking.
Students will be developing open-source voice over IP telephony solution, which will be implemented in developing regions. Most of open source components already exist, however, integration and testing of the end-to-end solution tailored to developing country’s needs will be important part of the thesis.

The outcome of the thesis will provide the roadmap towards implementation of cost-effective voice-over-IP solution in developing regions.

Required Skills
Candidates should have major in computer science, electrical engineering, internetworking, or similar. Previous experience in IP networking and Voice-Over-IP is advantageous.

Please send your updated and relevant CV to contact person until 19th of May. Potential applicants will be invited for interview during the end of May and beginnings of June. The thesis work can start immediately after decision, or can be discussed, but not later then September 2006.

Contact Person:
Rustam Nabiev
[email protected]


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