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Förslaget inkom 2006-01-30

Broadband Mobile Convergence

About the company:
TeliaSonera is the leading telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic region and also holds strong positions in mobile communications in Eurasia, Turkey and Russia. Our home markets are undergoing a rapid migration from fixed to mobile and Internet-based services. We are therefore focusing our service portfolio by reducing the number of traditional fixed services and broadening our range of mobile and Internet-based services. Simultaneously we are taking steps to bring costs to a competitive level.

The thesis work will be performed at TeliaSonera, Product & Services, Research & Business Development and will be focused on how this convergence will affect next generation of services, especially focusing on telephony services and infrastructure.

About the Master Thesis:
The Master Thesis will look upon how to implement the next generation telephony networks based on the new standards mostly from TISPAN, but also from 3GPP and IETF. The thesis work will look at the standards for both fixed and mobile networks and make a reference implementation in order to get standardisation input and hands on experience. The implementation results from the thesis works will be the base for further standardization and thesis works.

The tasks include:
* Study of current and future standardisation
* Technical study of implementation proposals
* Implementation of core telephony systems
* Identification of short comings in standardisation and input to standardisation
* Suggestions of future implementation plans for TeliaSonera

The thesis work will require two Master Thesis students with computer/telecom communication and programming competence. Suggested starting date is January 2006.
Standardisation work has already been conducted in this area for about one year but the TISPAN standard is only now taking shape. The work will be performed in cooperation with people participating in the standardisation work.

The work will be conducted at the TeliaSonera premises in Haninge, Rudsjöterassen 2. TeliaSonera will provide the development environments and servers needed for the duration of the work.
The work will require an NDA between the students and TeliaSonera. TeliaSonera requires the possibility to censor information considered to be TeliaSonera confidential from the public version of the Master Thesis. The Master Thesis report will be written in English. The implementation will be reused in further Master Thesis work.


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