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Förslaget inkom 2005-11-07

Automatic Service Information Generator


Volvo Parts, a business unit within the Volvo Group, is responsible for the global management and distribution of parts and for providing the Volvo Group¿s business areas with aftermarket support. Volvo Parts has approximately 3200 employees in its operations in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Product Support Development (PSD), a function within Volvo Parts, is globally responsible for the development of aftermarket service tools for the Volvo Group. PSD operates using the latest technology within a fast growing area. Accordingly, PSD continuously improve the efficiency of their processes and tools.

Since future demands require a more efficient production of service information, we now face a challenge implementing a lean and efficient process including an increased level of automatically generated service information. This project aims at developing a Java/XML based demonstrator for the future process which will include interaction with state of the art PC based service tools used in e.g. the automotive industry.

Project Description:

During the course of the project, an XML-based data structure to support a guided diagnostic application for heavy duty trucks will be defined, developed and demonstrated. XML documents will be created to define observable symptoms, hardware failures, vehicle components, embedded software functions, electrical and mechanical circuits and other system elements. The documents will be used to demonstrate a functional guided diagnostic system using an existing Java-based application. Once demonstrated, an automated process for creating the documents from existing engineering sources will be specified.

The successful candidate will have extensive knowledge of XML and Java as well as one or more of the Java APIs supporting XML (Xerces, JAXP, etc.). Understanding of XML processing techniques using Java (DOM, SAX, XSLT and XPATH) is a must. Knowledge of Java-based web services is also desirable as the application is one part of a service-based architecture running under Windows XP.

The position is for 10 weeks at Volvo Parts, Product Support Development and is suited for a bachelors´ project or a student in need of industrial practice. We would like to start the project as soon as possible, at latest week 42 2005.

Contact: Magnus Hellring, 031-3222654, or Michael Ragula, 031-3272004


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