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Förslaget inkom 2005-11-16

Improved Testing Strategy for .Net-development (AW)

Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel is the world's leading integrated supplier of nuclear fuel products and services. With over 4400 employees in the United States, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, Westinghouse manufactures fuel related products and components for nuclear power plants worldwide.

The Sweden Operations organization of Westinghouse Electric Sweden is responsible for Fuel and Component Manufacturing

PRS is a production control system in the rod manufacturing workshop. The system serves three different manufacturing areas in the workshop: Bottom plug welding, rod loading and top plug welding.

PRS is a .Net client/server-based application with several interfacing systems:
¿ PLC:s
Controls physical transitions and operations in the production line. Supplies PRS with process results and information.
¿ SAP R3
The overall production administrative system. Supplies PRS with prerequisites for production and receives results from production.
¿ Bar code readers
Identifies individual components in the production line. Supplies PRS with the identities of the components.
¿ Rod scanner
Scans individual rods and supplies PRS with scanning results.
¿ Some additional interfaces

PRS is handling quality data later reported to the customers and the authorities.

The thesis work is divided in three parts:
¿ Testing QA procedures
¿ Testing Strategy for .Net-development
¿ Test Platform for PRS

All work in thesis must be conducted following the Westinghouse Fuel guidelines and procedures. The work is to be conducted in cooperation with the rest of the Fuel organization. Travels to USA may be necessary.

The thesis work should be performed by two persons.

The thesis includes documentation and presentation of the results.

Testing QA-procedures
¿ Issue generic testing QA procedures for the Fuel factory.

Testing strategy
¿ Evaluate automatic testing tools that can be used for .Net-based software development
¿ Evaluate, deploy and document methods for different kind of test cases, e.g. unit testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing.
¿ Evaluate different kind of testing techniques, e.g. test coverage.
¿ Evaluate, deploy and document methods for testing in complex environments, e.g. interfacing systems, real-time systems.
¿ Based upon results from evaluations issue a .Net testing guideline.

The testing strategy shall be generic for all .Net-based development.

Test platform for PRS
¿ Based upon generic QA procedures and .Net testing guideline develop and implement a test environment for PRS.
¿ Develop and implement a database of test cases for PRS.
¿ Issue a standard Test Plan template document and a Test Specification document describing testing and test cases of PRS.


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