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Förslaget inkom 2005-06-15

Commercialization and marketing of European Health Portal ENN-ICS

Summary of Organization
The Biomedical Engineering Department (MTA) together with the department of Innovation and Medical Informatics (IMI) at Karolinska University Hospital are becoming a major driving force in applying unique and innovative technological solutions in the daily routines of Karolinska. The projects driven by both departments are both national and international in nature with partners from many European countries.
One of the long-term goals of two departments is to create a testbed environment where new emerging technologies can be developed, evaluated and commercialized in European and international markets.

Thesis description
Thesis work is oriented to 1 or 2 master level students within the field of economics, marketing, business administration.
Karolinska together with European partners from Germany, Spain, and Portugal are creating new multilingual, regional and multinational service (health portal) in the field of Sleep disorders by using advanced e-learning and e-publishing technologies. At this stage, a value chain for the product ¿ENN-ICS¿ consists of technology providers, content providers, and end-users (healthcare professionals working in the field of Sleep Disorders). Currently a prototype solution is ready to be evaluated and quality assured in Sweden, Germany and Portugal. After successful completion of the evaluation, the partners anticipate to deploy and commercialize the product in European and later on to International markets.

It should be pointed out that the thesis work will study a market that is in the making. Therefore a case study approach using interviews and drawing on experiences from similar markets should probably be used. Good access to data and experts will be provided by Karolinska.

The main activities in the thesis work will be:
1) Performing detailed market research study to determine market needs, identifying target groups (segmentation), analysis of competitors strategy, and barriers of providing service according to legislation and industry standards and determining numbers and key characteristics of potential users in Sweden for ENNICS product.
2) Identifying specific requirements for the various identified target groups (customers) of ENN-ICS. Detailed user requirements analysis should clearly differentiate between general (market) and specific (user) requirements. These results will be used as the basis to clearly define the ENN-ICS service solution. User groups and the segment focus in Sweden will be settled.
3) Based on gained information, to develop sound marketing and deployment strategy with cost leadership and differentiation strategies, distribution circuits and promotion channels for ENN-ICS product in Sweden and possibly in Scandinavian region.
The outcome of the thesis will provide the roadmap towards the commercialization and deployment of the ENNICS product and to run the business once the market validation is completed successfully. The opportunity of connecting the outcomes of the thesis with Karolinska¿s incubator program and Novum Science Park will be investigated during the thesis work.
The thesis report will give Karolinska the opportunity to establish a strategy for exploiting the ENN-ICS services at European level. There will be discussions about the model for deployment that could be achieved through a deployment agreement or through creating a franchise based company.

Required Skills

The ideal candidates for thesis work should have excellent English spoken and written, knowledge in Swedish is advantageous, have short learning curve when faced with new challenges, enjoy working as a team player, but can also complete the task with minimum supervision, possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Following skills are required for this project:

¿ Good understanding of the value chain of technology companies including sales, marketing, product development and supply.
¿ They should be familiar with marketi


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